Thursday, April 8, 2010


Good afternoon world,
Trust that you are all enjoying a magnificent in Cape Town it is absolutely glorious. Clear skies, sunny weather, I dont smell any braaiing (barbequeing) meat wafting in on the breeze but all is good in here where Autumn is finally revealing her cool self. The mercury has dropped somewhat ; I have been hauling out the winter woolies and laundering them to get them all fresh and clean and have also dusted off my slow cooker and made a meal or two in my fabulous new flame coloured cocotte :o) Sounds fancy hey? I love Le Creuset...what can I say??

Talking of which....have you guys seen the fantastic new color that is being released in SA at the end of this month? I kid you not.....I am green with envy and have got to start spending less on food so that I can procure one of the wonderful looking pots in the new CASSIS range

Gorgeous photo borrowed from KIM GRAY

Following on the successful SA Food Bloggers Conference last month and the newly formed SA Food Bloggers Network (see previous post about that - we already have 48 members whoohoo) allow me to introduce you to the all new

Unlike the aforementioned Food Bloggers Network which is for food or wine bloggers and websites related to the food and wine industry, this page is for YOU!! Anyone can join as a fan and keep abreast with food blogging and trends in South Africa. I tell Brain in Pinky and the Brain (I love that show!!!) we can ask are you pondering what Im pondering?? SA Food bloggers are taking over the world hehehe..........

So pop on over to the link and take a perusal at your leisure and don't be left behind. One day when we reach ONE MILLION you can proudly say I was one of the first to join :o)

OK! I'm outta more pondering & networking to do :o) You can tell I am happy and having fun can't you??? I hold food bloggers very close to my heart. Gosh I hold all of you very close to my heart and I never once realized what an amazing world I would be introducing myself and SA food bloggers to when I co-ordinated the fabulous conference we had last month.

Enjoy the rest of this short week
Colleen xx


barricas on February 16, 2011 at 2:40 PM said...

It less like being back in the same saddle so much as a saddle adjustment. It's always a good idea to write about what you know and what's closest to your heart. With the move to WA, it would seem that the wine industry there is now the new obvious regional topic to focus on.


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