Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Greetings everyone, I am just popping in with the news that following on from the SA Food Bloggers Conference last month Jane-Anne Hobbs has formed the South African Food Bloggers Network on facebook - a group for like minded people to share ideas and inspiration, showcase your blog posts and support your fellow bloggers. Access to this group is by invitation only.

This is an open invitation to you to join this group. If you fit the following criteria then you qualify to apply to belong to the group:

1. You need to be a South African

2. You may be living anywhere in the world not necessarily in South Africa. So come on you ex-pat foodies out is your chance!!

3. You need to write, or co-write, a blog about food, wine or food/wine related articles.

If you are already on facebook just pop over to this page and request to join. Please give the url of your blog as well when you request to join.

I do the admin and will do the necessary to get you admitted to the group

Hmmmm, Im just sitting here wondering if you can join the group if you do not have a personal facebook page. If you try, and you can't apply you might want to consider joining facebook so that you can network your blog :o). If you do join facebook just look for me, Colleen Grove, and ask to be my friend putting in a personal message explaining who you are and what blog you have.

Thanx, see you there,


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